David + Emily

deception pass

This was my second time meeting David and Emily. The first time we met was at a coffee shop earlier in September in Seattle where I got to know them and hear a little bit about their love story. We spent our early Sunday morning to drive 2 hours up North to take photographs around Deception Pass. Throughout the whole drive up, I got to know them a lot better. Oh man, their love story is pretty great, and I am very honored to have listened to it. So this was my main goal on what I wanted to capture about them.

As we kept on conversing and driving, it was pouring down rain... I mean we knew it was going to be rainy so we were prepared. But as soon as we got to the pass and to the beach, the rain magically stopped and the sun slowly made an appearance. One of the best times to take photographs, in my opinion, is right after the rain had just let up. The color is still rich, the air smells fresh... it's just the best, especially here in the Northwest. So we kept on going, got our shoes wet and had a blast throughout the whole morning. As the way Emily described the day, "We took a chance and outran the rain this weekend. It also involved some trail wandering, ocean hopping, boot soaking goodness."

Here are some of my favorite moments from that day...