On September 3rd, 2016, as my wife Emily and I were playing at Oetune Beach (about 3-hour drive south from Kupang, Indonesia), I decided to fly my Yuneec APV drone. What happened next was truly magical:

A group of kids, out of nowhere, suddenly appeared because they were intrigued by what was flying right above them. They had never seen a drone before and we began playing with each other as they started to run as fast as they could, trying to catch my drone. I played along because they were all laughing together, chasing it together, and just looked like they had a blast.

10-15 minutes went by... I decided to stop flying it and I wanted to talk to them. I asked them their names, where they're from, what grades they were in, where they lived, etc. It turned out that we both weren't fluent in the same language. They speak Bahasa Timor and I don't, but luckily they speak Bahasa Indonesia, which I am fluent in.

After learning about their story a little bit, I asked if I could take their portraits; they let me. I loved it.

Here's what I know about them: Every Saturday and Sunday they would walk to this beach to sell coconuts (it takes them one hour to walk). They sell them for 5,000 Rupiahs a piece, which is less than 50 cents. But they hustled.... They're all BEST friends, they take care, and help each other. They're in between 3rd - 9th grade. I was inspired. Moved by their story. I ended up buying 8 coconuts from them. They cut and served them like pros. The coconuts were sooooo good.

These kids' stories are the kind of stories that need to be shared and modeled after. They don't have much, but their generosity in serving each other is beyond rich.