Hunter + Emily


I've had the honor and pleasure of meeting both Emily and Hunter through one of my best friends living in Spokane, WA. Right off the bat, we became good and close friends. I also photographed their dreamy winter proposal. Their wedding day was nothing short of spectacular.

One of the things I love about Emily is that she is super easy going. I would have this idea in my head on how to photograph them, and she's always down to do it. As a photographer, shooting Emily was one of the most fun and easiest thing I could ask. And oh, she also built a BA tiny home (pictured below). Hunter was exactly the same. He was super easy going as well. Throughout the whole day, they were just so happy in love to be with each other. Their first look was one of the most genuine I've experienced in person. It gave me goose bumps.

Here are some of my favorite moments from that day. Enjoy!