Matt + kate


This was a day to remember—

Matt and Kate are both our closest friends. We've travelled, explored, gone to lots of trips together. My wife and I love these two so very much! That is why this day was very special to us as well.

Matt had planned this whole thing for months, and Kate had no clue. This day went according to every thing he had planned. It was unreal to capture their happy cries and intimate love for each other. Then a seaplane?! What?! So crazy. Matt really upped the standards in lots of ways. We then landed in Gig Harbor. Then a boat picked us up and took us to the nearest harbor in where a lot of our friends waited and joined the celebration that. What a day!

Here are my favorite moments from that day! I CANNOT WAIT to photograph their engagement session (you can find them here) and their wedding in November. Congrats to Matt and Kate!