Nathan + Lauren

north cascades

We left Seattle at 7:36am and drove up 2 hours North to make our way to the Boulder River Trail. I've been to the North Cascades hundreds of time, but I had never been to this hike before, so I was very excited. Both Lauren and Nathan are the adventurous outdoor type... for instance, during their free time, they would rock climb together. How cool!?!! As a photographer, especially as a person who loves the outdoor, this was such a treat for me. I got to hike, and photograph two beautiful human beings.

I've known Lauren for a few years know as we worked at a summer camp together back in 2013. As for Nathan, this was my second time hanging out with him. They are AWESOME together. Both are super kind and generous. And their love for each other is inspiring.

We hiked a few miles in and passed 3 waterfalls. And on the last one we decided to begin to shoot and slowly made our way back the trail. It was a rainy, but more misty, day in the North Cascades. If you have never been to the North Cascades before, this was the best time to photograph its element. So fun.

Here are my favorite moments from that day.


Nathan + Lauren-ENGAGEMENTS-101.jpg