Moment in paris

Paris. One of my favorite cities to photograph, run around, explore.. hands down. I had the honor and privilege to work with moment lens while I was in Paris, France this winter. The city was cold, dry, and not a lot of tourists around. Which made the street scenes more authentic to capture. My wife and I would get up early to watch the sunrise and would not sleep until late at night, and do that all over again. By the end of each day, we could feel the burn in our legs but it was beyond amazing. My style of street photography is candid and unposed and I didn't want these moments to be compromised out its originality. There's just something very intriguing about the notion that these images can never be replicated ever again.

Below are my favorite images from that trip. I believe each image tells a different story and the authentic vibes of Paris.

* All images are photographed with my iPhone 6 in a Moment Case with..

- wide 18mm lens

- tele 60mm lens