Steven + Maegan


Steven and Maegan became one of closest literally moments after I photographed their engagements in Seattle. From then on, we started hanging out every Monday night, whether it is having dinner together or watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette with our group of friends together.

Right off the bat, you know their kind, genuine, and very generous at heart. They love each other super well and I love the way Steven talks about Maegan and vice versa. Their wedding day was nothing short of amazing. The girls started their day with breakfast and mimosas and just talk about their favorite things about Maegan. They laughed, joked, and just spent the morning with each other. As the girls was finishing up, I headed over to the guys' house to meet up with Stevens and his boys.

The day felt like it was going super fast, because of how much fun this was to shoot. I kept reminding Stevens to take his time and enjoy the moment, same with Maegan. The wedding was held outdoor at this mansion's backyard in Sumner. It was unreal. The light was perfect, and everything seemed to be going just as planned that day.