lake 22

A few weeks prior to this proposal, I received an email from Will. He mentioned that he was planning to visit the Northwest with his girlfriend Haley. Both are from Austin, Texas and have never been to the Northwest before. Will then went on telling me about his stories. He has been dating Haley for some years and wanted to finally ask her to marry him. I was so pumped. I am always pumped whenever someone asks me to be a part of their BIG story. I was honored and with no hesitations, Will and I started to toss around a few ideas on where and when would be the best time to propose.

Will then came up with the idea that he wanted to do it on Lake 22, and at this time the Lake was frozen. We had never met before, only communicating via email and texts. I started hiking at 7:45 am in the cold rain. We then met up at the top and these are the photographs I came up with. So many raw emotions captured that day.