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I pour my heart and soul into my work. I am based in Seattle but, I LOVE to travel. I will travel anywhere in the world to tell YOUR story.


I am currently booking for Fall 2018 and the rest of 2019

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 Photo of me taken by my good friend  Cameron .

Photo of me taken by my good friend Cameron.

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2018 travel schedule: 

April: Mexico, Alaska

May: Portland

June: Montana, Banff, Jasper

July: China, Indonesia

August: Seattle, Idaho

September: Iceland, Italy, Finland

October: Seattle, Portland

November: Seattle

December: Kauai, Hawaii


We'll be all over the place. So if you are in this area listed above at the time we are there, and would love us to photograph you, send us an email. or if you just wanna meet up and hang, let us know as well!

my wife and i love meeting new people and connect with locals all over the world.